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Ronix Wakeboard - Vault

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Wakeboarding is the only board sport where your shoulders and hips are not always parallel with each other and the Vault takes that into consideration.

A hot off the press new shape with a thinner profile for a reduced swing wieght in the air, and more contact/feel with the water. Along with a new rockerline that naturally puts you underneath the board in a more centered position. The innovative new Vault recognizes that your body is crossed up riding toeside, and more inline heelside, and every design aspect of this board takes this into consideration for the proper building block of wakeboarding.


  • Toeside rail is thinned out to sit deeper in the water creating additional grip from this sharp profile
  • Toeside fins are deeper, longer and closer to the rail for a strong/stable edge hold
  • Heelside rail starts off softer/fuller for a mellower transition, then blends to a more vertical sidewall with less resistance on the water
  • Heelside fins are shorter and further from the rail for a quicker release on spinning tricks
  • 4 molded asymmetric fi ns shape - track true in a straight line, but break free easier with more fl oat in a side slide position
  • A wider profile creates a bigger sweet spot riding in any water condition
  • 2 Fiberglass 1.7" Fins
  • Sintered Base - The most durable non-stick base material ever test by the Ronix team. A high purity compound that preserves its bond over time.
  • Krypto Cable - Woven fibers surround the profile of the board. Fused with the core, the Krypto cable makes the boards sidewalls the strongest part.
  • M6 Inserts - A higher thread count means better hold in a shallower depth.