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Straight from Canada are the new Boss Hawgs longboard skateboard wheels, were designed to be ridden sideways more than anything. Centerset, stone ground, round lip, all the characteristics of this wheel scream freeride!

Throw these on to your freeride board and have a blast! Free your spirit and your mind, by taking your final skate of a lifetime on some Landyachtz Boss Hawgs!

If you are wondering how these feel under your feet... Well imagine a very very nice eraser gliding across your paper. Incredibly smooth with lines of nice pink shavings all over your homework, but quiet enough that your classmates don't know you messed up on spelling "awesome".

Diameter - 70mm
Width - 46mm
Durometer - 76a, 78a, 80a
Contact Patch - 32mm
Finish - Stoneground
Core - Centerset